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Sports Indoor Fitness Pilates Yoga Pads

Sports Indoor Fitness Pilates Yoga Pads

Normaalihinta $47.99 USD
Normaalihinta $54.65 USD Myyntihinta $47.99 USD
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The Indoor Fitness Pilates Yoga Pads are designed with 10mm thick memory foam on the back and 5mm soft foam in the middle for ultimate comfort. It features a thick layer of lumbar support along with four independent leg pockets that can be compressed by hand with ease. The Ultimate comfort Hybrid Support allows for a slim, natural feel.

    Product Specification:

    • weight: 850
    • Thickness: 10mm
    • Size: 183*61*1
    • Pattern: Solid color
    • Colour: Black, blue, purple, pink
    • Thickness: 10 mm 
    • Material: NBR
    • Material: nbr
    • Length: 183cm*61cm


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