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Exercise Equipment Fitness Yoga Building Blocks

Exercise Equipment Fitness Yoga Building Blocks

Normaalihinta $33.99 USD
Normaalihinta $41.55 USD Myyntihinta $33.99 USD
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This product includes an assortment of colorful exercise equipment such as: a set of resistance pins and handles, a tension strap, a support bar, an elastic tie off and soft foam roll. It’s the perfect set for building your own workout area in any shape or form within your home or office.

    Product Specification:

    • Attribute Two: Pilates Bricks
    • Attribute Three: Reinforcement Mats Sports
    • Attribute Six: Yoga Accessories
    • Attribute Seven: Bodybuilding
    • Attribute One: Yoga Building Blocks Cubes
    • Attribute Four: Yoga Supplies Exercise
    • Attribute Five: Home Exercise Equipment Fitness
    • Attribute Eight: Eva Yoga Brick


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