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5.5 MM Lotus Pattern Suede TPE Yoga Mat

5.5 MM Lotus Pattern Suede TPE Yoga Mat

Normaalihinta $44.99 USD
Normaalihinta $51.23 USD Myyntihinta $44.99 USD
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The perfect mat for your fitness needs. Whether you're at the gym, the studio, or on vacation: the Lotus pattern is perfect for all fitness goals. The honeycomb material provides vital support and cushioning, while the suede surface offers a soft feel.

    Product Specification:

    • Thickness: 6 mm (Beginner)
    • Material: Suede
    • Material: Suede TPE
    • Length: 183cm*61cm
    • Color: Seven Chakras / Blue Gyro / flower
    • Applicable Scene: Fitness Body / Fitness Equipment
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