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Double Cotton Hammock

Double Cotton Hammock

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1, manufacturers direct spot, neutral packaging, support generation, sample, wholesale, custom; 2, color, size, printing, LOGO, style, accessories, can be customized, 500 sets of custom; 3. At present, the most customized products in the mainstream market are high quality ones from Amazon, and other ones can be customized in our medium, high and low styles. 4, spot hammock without inner ring, if you need the ring can be customized, 500 sets of minimum order. Product Name: Canvas bracket hammock Support size: 120*107*100cm Hammock size: 150*200cm Support box specification: 23*23*114cm 1 set/box weight: 12.5kg Hammock box specifications: 102*26*22cm10 sets/box Single weight: 1.5kg Single hammock default OPP bag packaging, need carton please contact customer service


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